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01.10.00 Now you can't download it either!
-Okay everyone. Here's the deal: The FreeServers FTP won't accept the EBDex ZIP because it is too "big". I know. Well I'm finding a different server to put it on, and you'll be able to download from therem, but first I want to add to the program. Sorry for the inconvenience!
11.20.99 Now you can download it too!
-Probably nobody noticed, but for most of today you haven't been able to download the demo because it wasn't uploaded yet. Now you can. So do it by clicking here.
11.19.99 Radioactive Cows!
-Once again, you may not notice this change unless you have ever gone to this page, but I have created a new page called Radioactive Cows, where I will be keeping information on all of my projects (EBDex being one of them), the whole thing is really buggy right now, but I'm trying my best! If this page looks real screwy, PLEASE e-mail me! Thank you, and goodnight!
11.14.99 Everything's Cool
-OKAY, fixing that Setup file was slightly easier than I thought it would be. Now, if you were ever having problems with EBDex before, I suggest deleting everything and downloading this zip file. It should have everything you need to ensure you a copy of a working, error-free EBDex Demo. Have Fun! E-mail me problems!
11.14.99 Taking it all off
-I've said it before, and I'll say it again: WHEW! I'm having so many problems with the demo, that I've decided to TEMPORARILY take it off until I can work out all of the bugs. SORRY! It'll be back up soon and better than ever. I hope... OH and also I'd like to say "Sorry" to Jeff Tamer, who would rather I called him Mars. So from now on, I will! I think that's it...yup.
11.13.99 We're on EB.Net! (irish jig)
-WHEW! Okay, EBDex has officially moved to But you should already know that, because you're there. Right? Okay, that's really all there is to say, 'cept that the .zip file now has the spiffy new setup program and is slighty (3 times) bigger. OKAY!
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