The Cow is Hibernating...

Well, for those of you who have still rituistically going to this site, hoping for an update and receiving nothing, I apologize. My abandonment of this site is due to the fact that... well, I'm just too darn lazy. If you're one of the people who have been waiting for me to post the EBDex Demo, I owe another apology. I have decided to stop working on the EBDex Project. However, I am looking for someone with Visual Basic 5.0 or better to continue the project for me. If you would like to take it up, e-mail me at and I will send you the code.

Radioactive Cows will be back. When it returns it will be much different than what is here now; I'm not sure yet what I want to do with it, but it will have more of a purpose when it comes back. As for the site itself, I'm not deleting it. Click here to see it. But I won't be updating it for awhile.

I would like to thank all of the people who actually went to this site for the months it was completely inactive. Every week, I checked the counter expecting the hits to go down, but they didn't. Thanks again, folks, I really appreciate it.

Update: 05.15.00 - Okay, it's been awhile since I wrote the farewell address you see above, and I think the people who still go here (that's right, you're amazingly not the only one) deserve some sort of update. I am in the process of buying a domain name that I've had my eye on, but will not give out because one of you will try and steal it (and I know you would), however, as I have said, it will not be EarthBound-related except the link to in the links section. It will be sort of a Weblog-type-thing (kinda). I have found someone to take up the work on EBDex, his name is Mooo and I trust him... I will update that stuff once I've actually given Mooo the source and... stuff. I expect that he will be making his own page to keep you guys updated on EBDex. And, in conclusion... well this is the end of the update. I don't think there was anything else to say... if there is, heck, maybe I'll make another update!

Update: 06.05.00 - Quickie update clarifying on what I said in the last one. Mooo has the code to EBDex now, so he is the official EBDex guy! The new EBDex site isn't up yet, but it will be at when it is up. The Radioactive Cows site is goin' down! Since I've already registered it, my new site will be at (I'm not linking because the site isn't up, so theres nothing there yet) and it will have nothing to do with EarthBound or Radioactive Cows or Cheese Loaf. It will be a personal-site-thingy and hopefully it will be okay. My next update will be when is up and when I'm shutting down Radioactive Cows Ltd. for good *sniff* yeah, it's sad, I know...

Update: 06.21.00 - The Radioactive Cows site is now officially dead, if it wasn't before. There will be no more updates. Mooo is officially in charge of EBDex from here on, so you can e-mail him if you have any questions. I will be devoting all of the time I can to my new personal site and weblog, so I won't have any more time for this site. Thanks again for visiting the site even when it was on the verge of death. Thanks and goodbye.